Review of Water Trading and Pricing in the Murray Darling Basin, June 2009, Dr John Porter

.....There is no market history of water trading in the Condamine-Balonne river basin that can provide a ready indicator of market value for water trades. In order to relate market history in other parts of the MDB to the value of water in the Condamine-Balonne, this review aims to provide an appreciation of why the unit value of traded water varies so much. The review considers permanent trades of water in all parts of the MDB.

Relative Value of Water Harvesting Water as a Buyback Proposition, June 2009, Dr Lee Benson

.....a comment on the environmental benefits related to the potential purchase by the Australian Government of water harvesting entitlements in the Lower Balonne relative to that which may relate to allocations from a supplemented supply, that is, water that is sourced from a major dam.

Water Availability in the Condamine Balonne, CSIRO, June 2008

.....A report to the Australian Government from the CSIRO Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project

Lower Balonne Aquatic Ecological Condition Report, May 2008, Dr Lee Benson

Lower Balonne Aquatic Ecological Condition Report, March 2007, Dr Lee Benson

The Lower Balonne Measures Up, Smartrivers 2007

.....Smartrivers' members support for the National Plan for Water Security (NPWS) in principle and can demonstrate that the Lower Balonne community is committed to and measures up against all of the strategic objectives of the Plan as they are currently understood.

Condamine Balonne - Draft Resource Operations Plan

.....the draft resource operations plan contains comprehensive provisions for implementing the strategies set out in the Water Resource Plan.

Lower Balonne Aquatic Ecological Condition Report, November 2006, Dr Lee Benson

Lower Balonne Aquatic Ecological Condition Report, May 2006, Dr Lee Benson

Lower Balonne Aquatic Ecological Condition Report, November 2005, Dr Lee Benson

Lower Balonne Aquatic Ecological Condition Report, May 2005, Dr Lee Benson

Executive Summary, Five Year Review 2000 - 2004, by Dr Lee Benson

.....Smartrivers commenced assessments of the condition of the aquatic environments of the Lower Balonne in June 2000. There is no formal requirement for the program so the sole sponsorship by Smartrivers, a locally based irrigator group, is entirely voluntary.

Five Year Summary Review, 2000 - 2004, by Dr Lee Benson

.....This report presents a summary and review of the first five years of data collected during monitoring events in the Lower Balonne since June 2000. Data is reported up to and including the survey of November 2004. The program is entirely sponsored by the Smartrivers organization.

Condamine Balonne Water Resource Plan, August 2004

.....The following are the purposes of this plan (a) to define the availability of water in the plan area; (b) to provide a framework for sustainably managing water and the taking of water; etc..........

Greenspan InBank Stream Flow Measurements Report of the Lower Balonne River Gauging Stations, Jan/Feb 2004

.....Greenspan was requested to conduct a set of Stream Gaugings in the Lower Balonne System as part of our offer to gauge “in-bank” river flows during a predetermined release from Beardmore Dam.
This is to be used to validate the Ratings used by DNRM in monitoring the release of waters for Environmental and Agricultural purposes.

Review of Science Underpinning the Assessment of the Ecological Condition of the Lower Balonne System, Jan 2003

.....This Review was commissioned by the Queensland Government to evaluate the science underpinning decisions relating to the management of water resources in the Lower Balonne.

      There are important ecological assets in the Lower Balonne that need to be managed. These include the biota of the rivers and distributary channels of the Lower Balonne and their associated wetlands, the internationally recognized Narran lakes, the National Parks of the Culgoa floodplain and the Darling River itself.

Cullen Review Critique in Depth by Smartrivers

.....Smartrivers general perception of the report is that it strongly vindicates their stance over the past few years. Many of Smartrivers key points were supported explicitly and many were supported implicitly through the Panels recommendations.

Key Points of the Cullen Report by the Dept of Natural Resources and Mines, Jan 2003

.....The review was undertaken by a Scientific Review panel, consisting of chairman Professor Peter Cullen, Professor Russell Mein and Dr Richard Marchant, in consultation with a Community Reference Group.

Lower Balonne Hydrology Checks, Sinclair Knight Merz 2002

.....This study arises from a request from the Dirranbandi District Irrigators Association and the St George Water Harvesters Association to examine the hydrology of the Lower Balonne.

Peer Review of Report “Lower Balonne Hydrology Checks”, SKM 2002

.....This review is in response to a request by Dr Lee Benson of Ecology Management. We were asked to examine the logic of Dr Porter’s approach and the likelihood of his conclusions being correct.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers: Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Condmaine Balonne WAMP

.....The assessment is intended to be a directional study to identify the probable outcome and scope of impacts associated with the draft WAMP scenarios presented by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources (DNR).





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