About Us

SmartRivers is located in the Lower Balonne region of the Murray-Darling Basin. We are committed to maintaining the health of the river system and have worked with government, scientists and environmentalists for a long period of time to understand the river system function.

A key objective is to collaborate on policy, watering planning, flow management arrangements and best practice to ensure healthy working rivers for generations to come.

Our Objectives



Smart policy

Smart Policy

To work collaboratively with community, all levels of government, and key stakeholders to achieve smart water policy.



Advocate for improved water data and flow reporting information to increase confidence in critical water management decision making.

Best Practice & Compliance

Best Practice and Compliance

To undertake best practice in measuring, monitoring and compliance.

Leadership & Legacy

Leadership and Legacy

Smart water planning and healthy rivers for future generations to come.

Best Practice Compliance 

Our position is, “if you can’t measure it, don’t take it.

A key project has been to ensure best practice in compliance by achieving 100% storage certification.

Every water storage in the Lower Balonne has been surveyed and has a registered storage curve accredited by an Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ). The Lower Balonne is unique in that it is one of the first irrigation areas in Australia with this certification. This certification is important for the process of accounting for water taken and used in the Lower Balonne area in accordance with legislated water entitlements.