Flow Reports

Flow Reports are produced by SmartRivers in relation river flows in the Lower Balonne river system. The flow data contained in these reports are calculated using information from the 23 gauging stations in the Lower Balonne and measurements of water taken under legislated entitlements and/or licences. The goal of the Flow Reports is to give a clearer picture of the whole of system assessment of a flow event.

The current publicly available data does not fully and expressly account for all sources of inflow, all volumes consumed by the rivers and floodplains such as through seepage and filling of waterholes and floodplain wetlands, and evaporation, nor does it assess the flow details from the Qld/NSW border to the Barwon-Darling Rivers (the ‘end-of-valley’ for the Lower Balonne – in this report the end-of-valley flow is also known as the EOVF)”

SmartRivers advocates for improvements in flow reporting and collaboration of both Queensland and New South Wales to form a conclusive whole-of-end-of-valley analysis. SmartRivers also advocates for timely report of this critical information.

Latest Flow Report

Download the SmartRivers March-April 2021 Flow ReportĀ here.

Past Flow Reports

Download the SmartRivers February-March 2020 Flow ReportĀ here.